The Brand

The Product Line Up

Mx Skincare. The Brand.

Mx Skincare developed by specialist luxury skincare expert and celebrity facialist Marionne de Candia, is a boutique range of products containing only the finest active ingredients.  Within each Mx Skincare product are components proven to help support, improve and enhance the skin’s appearance.

Mx Skincare’s range focuses on anti-aging and reducing the damaging effects of environmental factors such as UV radiation, toxins and pollutants on the skin. This is achieved by incorporating the best active, scientifically proven ingredients available.

Designed to penetrate deeply into the skin’s lower layers, Mx Skincare generates superb results for the user, leaving the skin revitalized, beautiful and glowing. The Mx Skincare range is suited to anyone who care about minimizing age related skin degeneration and reducing the effects of environmental factors such as UV radiation, toxins and pollutants.

Mx Skincare is about what really works.


Glowing Skin should last a lifetime…

One of the key cornerstones for maintaining skin health for a lifetime is to ensure you use good skincare products consistently.

We will all age according to our genes, lifestyle and biology. As much as we would like to believe that we have a choice about whether we want to age, we do not. Ageing is one of the only certainties in human life and is inevitable. Ageing is a beautiful fact of life. We are here to experience, to grow and to evolve. With the right mindset, ageing is an incredible gift, one that can embrace wisdom, strength, purpose and fun!

Enjoy the present this is where all our power is.

When it comes applying skincare too much can actually have the opposite effect. Overloading the skin with too many heavy products, can clog the pores and actually slow down the skin’s natural surface renewal. This can in turn cause tightness, dryness and congested reactive skin. Applying too many layers of different products can suffocate the skin which in turn compromises optimal absorption of active ingredients and can risk interactions from the products used.

Where skincare is concerned age is just a number; there are many factors that contribute to a healthy and resilient skin. It is best to invest in skincare for a specific skin type, targeting skin concerns regardless of age. Age is not a skin type. The sooner skin is protected, and skin problems prevented, the better the results.

Synthetic does not always mean unnatural; it simply means that the ingredient was created to mimic its original. The body does not make a distinction between the natural and the synthetic and both can be excellent for the skin. Believing that natural is always the best can in fact deprive your skin of beneficial synthetic ingredients that natural just cannot provide such as retinol, peptides, ceramides and other potent anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid and many more.

Mx Skincare has eliminated any unnecessary ingredients, we have used only safe and biocompatible natural and synthetic ingredients for the skin.


Mx Skincare … The Products

All Mx Skincare products are 100% Australian owned and made, packaged and manufactured. There are no animal derivates in the formulas and nothing is tested on animals.

Mx Skincare contains no Parabens, no SLS’s and is free from Petro Chemicals and Palm Oil.

The brand uses clean, elegant formulations, with respect for the integrity of the key active ingredients used in the correct combinations designed to maximise the synergy between them.

An excellent Cosmeceutical skincare range it is formulated to deliver results and is never random in its approach. Each ingredient in the Mx Skincare range is designed so that it works seamlessly with every other ingredient. Mx Skincare has undergone stringent testing to make sure the final product is the very best for our clients.

The Mx Skincare range provides everything that the skin needs to regenerate, revitalise and minimise the signs of ageing.