The Bespoke Mx Facial

Author: Marionne de Candia  

The Mx Facial is a unique, bespoke skincare treatment designed by one of the world’s top facialists, Marionne de Candia. She uses her own range of products, Mx Skincare, painstakingly developed after years of research and her experience working with some of the best plastic surgeons and chemists available.

Totally different to a standard facial, the Mx Facial is paramedical in design and has been developed with the needs of both pre and post-surgery patients in mind. As Marionne says, “it is vital to get the skin in premium condition pre-surgery to ensure excellent results and a quicker recovery. Post-surgery treatments are also key to minimize scarring and tone the skin.”

The Mx Skincare range used in the Mx Facial is abundant in anti-oxidants which are vital for skin day to day.  Anti-oxidants correct the free radicals in the skin.  Free radicals are a primary cause of aging and bombard the skin daily; these include UV rays, pollution and the blue light from mobile phones, iPads and computers.

Marionne’s focus has always been specifically on anti-ageing and treating environmentally damaged skin.  Both the Mx Facial and the Mx Skincare range has been designed primarily around these concerns. As a monthly facial it delivers outstanding premium results and benefits.

The Mx Facial Treatment

The Mx Facial begins with a double cleanse of the face using Mx Cosmeceutical Foaming Cleanser +. Incorporating vapour from steamer, this process enables the skin to be cleansed deeply and prepares it to accept the products being applied quickly.

Mx Cosmeceutical Exfoliate + is then applied. It stays on the skin for 7 to 10 minutes and is then removed with a soft warm towel to ensure that the skin is deeply cleansed.

Mx Cosmeceutical Exfoliate + is a mild lactic acid and works on bringing the pH of the skin down, rather than applying aggressive peels which can damage the skin.  Lactic Acid draws moisture to the skin so Mx Cosmeceutical Exfoliate + is the perfect anti-ageing exfoliant and must have in any skincare routine.

The Healite is used now on the thoroughly clean skin. Healite is a low-level light therapy skin surface treatment which is used to reduce and calm existing scars and promote skin rejuvenation without any surface damage.  Lasting approximately 15 minutes, this treatment is beautifully relaxing and stimulates collagen renewal leaving the skin plumped and glowing.

The skin is now ready for the renowned Mx Facial massage under the care of Marionne’s expert hands. Mx Cosmeceutical Facial Oil + is used for the massage. Formulated with Vitamins A, C, E and Co-enzyme Q10, this is an anti-oxidant powerhouse and one of the star products in the Mx Skincare range.

The Mx Facial massage incorporates extensive manual lymphatic drainage, (MLD), which detoxes the skin.  The lymph is unable to move through the skin in the same way as the blood pumped by the heart, so this method moves and detoxes the lymph, cleansing it and leaving skin visibly brighter and radiant.

Acupressure is also applied during the massage. This ancient art works on important points on the face and brings fresh blood to the surface, nourishing the skin.

Following the deeply relaxing massage, Mx Cosmeceutical Hydrating Masque + is applied to the skin.  This Masque is a clear gel containing 100% hyaluronic acid which holds 1000 times its weight in moisture.  It also contains Vitamin B3 to help even skin tone and promote a fresh youthful look.

This remains on the skin for 15 minutes, during this time the arms and hands are massaged with warmed lotion.

Depending on your skin type, one of the three Mx Cosmeceutical Serum’s will be chosen and applied to the skin. A drop of Mx Cosmeceutical Facial Oil+ is added to the Mx Cosmeceutical Moisture+ (to add an extra boost of hydration to the skin!) and then applied to the skin. Mx Cosmeceutical Eye Cream + is then gently applied to the eye area.

Mx Skincare contains only pure, high quality ingredients. We do not believe in harsh treatments and respect the integrity of the skin at all times.

Our products are not tested on animals.

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