“Marionne de Candia is a high priestess of the Australian Spa industry. Her encyclopedic knowledge of ingredients and genuine love of people and their skin makes her the ultimate cosmetic artisan.”
Sigourney Cantelo, Beauticate Editor & Founder 

Marionne de Candia 

Marionne de Candia’s specialist skin care and spa expertise spans 30 years of commitment to excellence. In this time, she has gained extensive experience in the complete skin care and spa spectrum: from spa therapist to luxury spa consultant, from clinical facialist to celebrity facialist.

The honorary title of ‘Celebrity Facialist’ is reserved for those whom celebrities trust to regularly care for their most precious asset.

Her skin care expertise and facial skill sets are well renowned and applauded in a wide range of media from Harpers Bazaar and Vogue through Conde Nast and spa Industry publications. Her client list includes: Elle Macpherson, Kate Hudson and Baz Luhrmann to name a few. 

“I understand the science of beauty and longevity. Embracing the good within our life experience puts the smile in the science.”
Marionne de Candia

Throughout her long career Marionne has studied facial techniques under the world’s best, including the famous lymphatic system educator Dr. Vodder. She claims her secret of success is surprisingly simple: her skin care treatments are based on the understanding that even the world’s best skin care products need to be applied with the right intention to achieve their true rejuvenating potential. Her techniques are guided by a deep understanding of what the skin’s needs are, what the product contains, and what is happening below the surface when the two meet.

Marionne’s special topic of interest has always been with the ageing skin, particularly the effects of premature ageing due to sun exposure and environmental agents.

This wealth of experience has come to be recognised and recently Net-a-Porter listed her in their ‘little black book’ of top 5 world facialists.


Mx Skincare

This boutique skincare range focuses primarily on anti-ageing and incorporates only the finest active ingredients.

In selecting those ingredients Marionne was guided not only by her clinical experiences, but also by supporting scientific literature.  As Marionne says, “it is not enough for an ingredient set to simply claim results, they have to demonstrate them under the harsh light of scientific enquiry. Equally important is what is left out.  I want my product to seduce with results, not with alluring (but inactive) fragrances, colours or textures.”

It is Marionne’s no nonsense, zen-like approach to formulation that has birthed her product line Mx Skincare.  The range is suited to anyone who cares about minimising age related skin degeneration and reducing the damaging effects of environmental factors such as UV radiation, toxins and pollutants.

“As a general rule I look for quality. It may cost more. I don’t look for bargains, I look for results.”
Marionne de Candia

As someone who wants the very best for both her clients’ skin and her own, selecting the highest quality product for her treatments has been Marionne’s ongoing obsession.

After seeing first hand wonderful products on the market having their formulations dumbed-down, sacrificing quality for expedience and profit, Marionne finally resolved to do something about it and began close collaborations with a formulating chemist.

Mx Skincare developed by Marionne de Candia is a boutique range of products containing only the finest ingredients.  Within each Mx Skincare product are components proven to help support, improve and enhance the skin’s appearance.

Developed in Sydney, Australia, Mx Skincare is launching in late 2018 and already has an enviable waiting list.