What is Mx Skincare?
Mx is a boutique range of cosmeceutical skincare, where performance meets luxury. There are no unnecessary ingredients and it is formulated with clean pure actives of the highest quality. Developed by skincare expert Marionne de Candia with years of experience and research.

Where is Mx Skincare made?
Mx Skincare is made and owned in Australia.

What can I expect from the range?
There is a noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture. It appears and feels more hydrated and has a healthy glow. There have been no short cuts when formulating.

Can I use it every day?
Yes, Mx is gentle enough for everyday use on all skin types, giving significant results.

How do the ingredients work?
Mx Skincare uses the most advanced ingredients available.  These are scientifically proven to act as messengers to the skin cells. This greatly improves wrinkles and firmness.
Vitamins A, C and Niacinamide in the products are the latest and most advanced scientifically.
Along with Hyaluronic Acid and powerful anti-oxidants Mx Skincare is formulated to have maximum delivery into the lower layers of the skin.
This combination of powerful anti-oxidants fights the free radicals damaging our collagen which cause wrinkles, and lack of firmness.

How are the products packaged?
Mx actives are contained in airless packaging to protect against oxidation and deterioration.

Is Mx Skincare tested on animals?
Mx products are cruelty free and contain no animal derivatives, parabens, lanolin or SLS’s.

Is there fragrance in the products?
Mx Skincare has been meticulously formulated with years of research and experience behind it.
Mx generally does not use fragrance with products containing actives as this can cause reactions. Above all we respect the integrity of the skin.
There is a hint of pure essential oil of Rose Absolute in the Mx Cosmeceutical Facial Oil + and a hint of fragrance in the Mx Cosmeceutical Eye Cream +.