The art of bath

Author: Marionne de Candia  

For some of us our entire home is a sanctuary, a nurturing place for us to be far from the madding crowd. For others our home is full of the madding crowd and we need to really focus to make sure we have our own personal space within it – our own private sanctuary.

You can practice the Art of Bath, even if you don’t have your personal ensuite. With a little preparation, you can make even a busy bathroom your haven. A place where you can lock yourself away from the outside world and simply be.

Water’s gifts extend far beyond cleansing our body. Water is one of life’s greatest healers, indulging in its ability to relax and soothe allows you to really indulge in private, restorative ME-time.

All you will need is a fresh bath, with any clutter happily out of sight, a scented candle, a way to play your favourite relaxing music, a deliciously soft towel and robe to nurture yourself afterwards, a locked door and the goodies described below ready and waiting.

Choosing pure, holistic ingredients and treatments for your Art of Bath will reconnect your mind, body and spirit, bringing the power of healing and restorative power into your home.

When it’s all ready – smile this is just for you. Light your candle, let the music play, slide in and luxuriate, letting go of all the day’s tension.

Tell yourself that you are totally worth this self-love, attention and time. It is self-healing and has many benefits. Practicing the Art of Bath can not only cleanse your body, but letting negative thoughts and feelings go will also cleanse and refresh your mind and spirit. You will be reaping the therapeutic benefits of your own home spa.

The Art of Bath Body-Love List

For your bathing sanctuary to give you a body as nurtured as your relaxed spirit my favourites include: herbal bath sachets, bath salts and exfoliating sea salts impregnated with your favourite essential oils*, a skin brush and a luxurious, hydrating body oil or cream.


Add nature’s gifts to your bath with a herbal bath infusion. Hang the herbal sachet from the spout as you fill the bath letting the running water awaken the herbal actives, let it submerge once the bath is full, the warm water will diffuse the extracts through the muslin sachet.


Fragrance is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Just add your salts to the bath under running water; with precious essential oils added, their aroma and actives will release and maximise your bath’s physical and spiritual benefits. This is a very effective way of using essential oils as their therapeutic benefits are always through absorption and inhalation, having an uplifting and balancing effect on your mood and emotions. If you are adding favourite essential oils to the salts yourself, you can add full strength or dilute in a little carrier oil or milk. Lie back, close your eyes, breathe deeply and enjoy the fragrant steam to centre and relax you.


Sea Salts are full of wonderful minerals that can be absorbed by the body. When impregnated with therapeutic essential oils they will also gift your body with their aromatic essences while you refresh your skin by removing the dull layer of expired dermal cells. Pour the salts into your hand and massage all over starting with your arms, hands and feet – it feels wonderful to nurture your body with your own massaging hands and your skin will glow along with your spirit.


Beautiful, radiant skin is healthy above and below the surface. Skin brushing** is a fabulous way to assist your skin’s blood circulation and lymphatic systems. Your lymphatic system has the important task of helping to dispose of your body’s waste and toxins. The heart pumps your blood circulation but not your lymphatic system, so any lymphatic assistance helps to improve its clear skin results. Using a natural bristle brush, start at the feet and always move toward the heart to encourage blood flow. Brush as firmly as is comfortable for you, more pressure can be applied as your body becomes used to the sensation. You will be improving your health and the beauty of your skin at the same time. Wash your brush regularly, hang and allow to dry.

When you are ready: emerge from your bath, wrap yourself in a warm, soft towel and moisturise your body with loving hands and your favourite hydrating oil, body cream or Foaming Cleanser. Maximize your bath time to restore your spirit, re-connect your body and mind and to help you feel and live in the present moment.


*Some essential oils are contra-indicated in pregnancy, check with your medical advisor or avoid if you are pregnant.

**If you have a skin disorder avoid skin brushing as your skin will be too sensitive. Some medical conditions are contra-indicated for skin brushing, get medical advice if unsure.