Stay Safe… and Stay Glowing

Author: Mx Skincare  Date Posted:8 April 2020 

The last few months has revealed a new normal for us all – the way we shop, interact, even do our daily chores comes with restrictions and guidelines with which we have not experienced before, all in the aid to protect our community from Covid-19.

Through these trying times it is now even more important to focus on our mental and physical wellbeing; staying fit and healthy, eating a well balanced diet, and exercises for the mind help the healing process for yourself and your family.

Now is the time for diligent and intelligent self-care. Staying at home means time for those cultural experiences we all say we “need to find the time for” – but never do. Refreshingly this excuse can stop today.

Make a new playlist with music that stimulates the mind and gets you moving for your daily exercise. Explore your mind with meditation, and begin a new daily ritual that embraces your spiritual side. Visit an online yoga class or learn a new language – self-care comes in many different forms and what is good for the mind is equally good for the soul.

Now is also the time to reach out to others – family, friends and neighbours - and do a daily act of good will. Emotional support is key to getting through this time, and there are many ways to show someone you care, or even just say hi. Send an email to your work colleague, FaceTime a friend you haven’t spoken too in forever, send your elderly neighbour a care pack, or share your favourite recipe with your mum – whatever brings joy on others can bring you emotional solace.

Remember, even with our “new normal” life – we can all still make a difference… and every small difference gets noticed. Stay safe, and stay glowing.

Love the Mx Team xx