Living our best "New Normal"

Author: Mx Skincare  Date Posted:5 August 2020 

This year has revealed a new normal for us all – the way we live comes with changes and guidelines with which we have not experienced before, all in the aid to protect our community, keep businesses open and keep our country moving forward.

Through our "new normal" it is even more important to focus on our mental and physical wellbeing; staying fit and healthy, eating a well balanced diet, getting enough sleep and exercises for the mind are essential for us to age our best and to continue to live our best life. 

Self care has become more necessary than ever. 

It can be as simple as creating a new playlist with music that stimulates the mind and gets you moving for your daily exercise; Exploring your mind with meditation, or beginning a new ritual that embraces your spiritual side. Zoom into a yoga and pilates class or even learn a new language – self-care comes in many different forms and what is good for the mind is equally good for the soul.

Stay connected with family, friends and interstate and international neighbours, as everyone is going through different stages of the "new normal."  Emotional support is key for getting us through these changing times. 

Remember, even with our “new normal” life – we can make a difference… and every small difference gets noticed. Stay safe, and stay glowing.

With love the Mx Team x